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Wonderfully Free and the Sozo for Couples manual have both been translated into German and Russian, please get in touch for details of these.

Going Deeper

A solid marriage demands a firm foundation to be able to thrive over the years, yet so many of our marriages were based on little more than a longing for security and someone to share life with. How much did we know of each other’s life experiences, values, expectations and purpose? Here’s the good news! […]

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Wonderfully Free
…no going back

If you’ve had a Sozo then Wonderfully Free is for you. It’s been written to be a guide and companion as you journey from your Sozo into a fuller understanding of God’s compassion, tender love and desire for you. Each of the 31 days begins with a short message highlighting and unpacking an element of a Sozo enriched life; there are some relevant Bible verses to think about and suggestions for prayer and response with plenty of room to write your own thoughts and reflections. As you make your way through Wonderfully Free you’ll find that it will become a journal that acts as the cornerstone for your future life.

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The Sozo for Couples Manual

If you’ve had a Sozo or on a Sozo team you’ll know how powerful and effective Sozo can be, you’ll have seen your guests being overwhelmed as they hear from God and understand how much He loves them as He unravels the wounds that have been inflicted on them and lies they’ve been believing about themselves because of them.

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Starting Out

“Starting Out” is both a teaching manual and a thought and sharing platform. As a couple go through each chapter of their individual copy they’re challenged to answer and then share and discuss a series of “Thought Stops” about their beliefs, positions held and the experience of their lives so far..

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