One of the biggest choices we will ever make is the decision to get married;  yet most of us, apart from some frantic months of wedding preparation, do little to get ready for this huge commitment. Believe us, it’s a mistake!

To help you both be fully prepared for your life together the Sozo for Couples’ team has written a marriage preparation manual /guide called “Starting Out” aimed specifically at couples preparing for marriage. As a team we’re passionate about people having great marriages but when you stop to think about it, a marriage usually starts way before the wedding, it starts with that first glance. We want to help couples before they’re married, so they get the best possible start!

Darrell and Anthea will lead a couple through a number of sessions to explore the kind of issues they need to look at in preparation for making this big step.

Each 90-minute marriage preparation session will cost £50. The number of sessions can be tailored to your needs and budget. Please email us at and we can then sort out a course specifically for you.