Starting Out

If you want a marriage to start out and continue well marriage preparation is vital, and “Starting Out” has been written with marriage preparation in mind.

“Starting Out” is both a teaching manual and a thought and sharing platform. As a couple go through each chapter of their individual copy they’re challenged to answer and then share and discuss a series of “Thought Stops” about their beliefs, positions held and the experience of their lives so far. Having done so, each Chapter ends with “Sozo Stops”, questions for them to both ask of Father God, Holy Spirit or Jesus. Couples can work through “Starting Out” on their own, or together with whoever is helping with their Marriage Preparation.

We’ve also found that married couples are finding “Starting Out” a great refresher and conversation starter.

Starting Out is also available through Amazon as a Kindle eBook. For immediate delivery of a paperback copy order here rather than on Amazon!