Take Bethel Sozo and apply it directly to your finances and the way you think about money, either individually or as a couple, that’s Financial Sozo. Developed by Stephen DeSilva, Chief Financial Officer at Bethel Church for 25 years, Financial Sozo takes the tools of inner healing and deliverance and adds Steve’s financial background to create a unique blend that brings true financial freedom. With the partnership of the Holy Spirit, a Financial Sozo takes you through a coaching session that highlights the lies and faulty beliefs holding you back in your financial journey, bringing healing to those areas and revealing to you the truths you need to bring about lasting change in your life.

All our Financial Sozo sessions are being held online using Zoom. Just like face to face sessions, we will more often than not have a team member in attendance, their job is to pray and record all the positive things you hear from the Godhead; these notes will be emailed to you after your Financial Sozo.

Note that before having a Financial Sozo we would recommend that you, or both of you, have an individual Sozo first.

A Financial Sozo usually takes about 90 minutes. There is a cost of £40 per session for a single person, £60 for a couple.

To find lots more about Financial Sozo in the UK visit www.financialsozo.org.uk