Looking Forward

8th/9th October.

Equipped in His Presence, Bethel Sozo’s UK National Conference, Milton Keynes.

Sozo for Couples has been invited to talk on “Starting Out”, our marriage preparation manual and course, and how we use Sozo tools within that context (It’s Sozo, but not as you know it!).

8th/10th November.

US Sozo Summit, Fulsom CA.

Sozo for Couples has been invited back again to speak. If you’re thinking of attending why not contact us for details!

We continue to offer individual Sozo, Sozo for Couples, Financial Sozo and Marriage Preparation sessions by Zoom. You can book these on the What We Offer page.

We’ve recently completed a four-session Sozo for Couples’ Foundations course, which was recorded and is now available at https://sozoforcouples.org/index.php/store/

Lastly, if you’d like to invite us to do some training, either live or online, we’d love to hear from you! Here’s what we can bring you:

  • Bethel Sozo Information mornings and days
  • Bethel Sozo Basic training
  • Bethel Sozo Advanced training
  • Bethel Sozo Going-Deeper Mentoring
  • Sozo for Couples Training
  • Sunday teaching
  • And the ministries on our What We Offer page!