If Sozo helps us to recognise and deal with the wounds that life has inflicted on us since conception, then Sozo for Couples helps us to get to the root of how those wounds, and the lies we believe because of them, impact and damage our marriages.

The truth is that how we react to the strains and stresses of a marriage relationship will depend entirely on what our own experience of marriage has been growing up. Our expectations, good and bad, will be based on experience. The more we are able to identify the effect those past experiences have on our marriage, forgive those who have hurt or damaged us and deal with the lies we’ve believed that lead us to behave in ways that damage relationships, the happier our marriages will be.

Some will use Sozo for Couples as a check-up, just to make sure that there’s nothing missing, others will have recognised that the relationship between them isn’t as it should be and want to get to the root of the problem. Others still will have a Sozo for Couples’ session as part of their marriage preparation. All will be amazed at where the Holy Spirit takes them and overcome by the extraordinary depth of love that Father God has for his children. That’s the nature of Bethel Sozo, and that’s the nature of Sozo for Couples.

All our Sozo for Couples sessions are held online using Zoom. Just like face to face sessions, we will more often than not have a team member in attendance, their job is to pray and record all the positive things you hear from the Godhead; these notes will be emailed to you after your Sozo.

Note that before having a Sozo for Couples we would suggest that both of you have an individual Sozo first.

A Sozo for Couples usually takes about 90 minutes. Sessions cost £60.

To find lots more about Sozo for Couples and to join the SfC mailing list visit www.sozoforcouples.org