If you’ve had a Bethel Sozo then Wonderfully Free is for you.

This 31-day devotional journal has been written to be a complement to the truths you were given at the end of your ministry time. It’s designed to be a guide and companion as you journey from your Sozo into a fuller understanding and realisation of God’s compassion, tender love and desire for you.

Each of the 31 days begins with a short message highlighting and unpacking an element of a Sozo enriched life. There are some relevant Bible verses to read and think about and suggestions for prayer and response, with plenty of room to journal your own thoughts and reflections. As you make your way through Wonderfully Free you’ll find that it will become a vital resource that acts as the cornerstone for your future life.

Wonderfully Free is available through Amazon either as a printed book or a Kindle eBook. Find it here.

For sales to countries other than the UK and for purchases of more than one copy please contact darrellcocup@gmail.com.