Our Sozo for Couples ministry sends out a regular newsletter, the last one being dated March ’21. In it we announced, if that’s the right term, the release of our latest book, available, by the way, on this very website.

Its release has begged a question, do you, reading this, pray with your spouse?

We ask because one of the first bits of feedback we received was that having a daily couples-aimed devotional had “given an excuse” for at least a few couples to focus their quiet / prayer time together and, having both read that day’s topic and discussed the suggested discussion point, to then pray the prayer together and then, here’s the important bit, to continue praying together for other things. Some couples just need an excuse to pray together. Who knew?!

For many of us the only time we pray out loud is during Home Group. Many of us find it awkward or feel that our prayers are somehow lacking or insufficient or leave us open to judgement…but God knows. Our challenge to all of us, other than to rush to Amazon, or, even better, the Publications page on this website, to buy a copy of Going Deeper (and then leave a glowing report!) is to pray, out loud, with our spouses, and to do it often; to plan it in if needs be. Why is this important to us? Because it makes such a big difference to the closeness of our relationships. There’s a vulnerability and intimacy in prayer that transcends normal conversation. If you’re not already, try it!