You’ll hear and see Sozo mentioned a lot as you travel around this website, and find out about inner healing. You’ll hear it being referred to as an inner healing and deliverance ministry, or a prayer and listening ministry. We refer to it as a relational ministry, the relationship being between the guest, that person receiving ministry, and the Godhead. You can be told that God loves you and you’ll nod wisely and reply that that’s wonderful. Sozo is all about helping the guest to hear all heaven’s truths for themself; it’s about recognising areas of forgiveness that the Godhead would like them to deal with and rejecting the lies that they’ve partnered with as a result. Hearing from Father God, or Jesus or Holy Spirit that they love you is at the heart of this ministry.

Bethel Sozo originates from Bethel Church in Redding, California. It traces its history to a teaching visit to Bethel by Randy Clark, a US pastor with an international healing ministry. As part of this visit he sent an advance team to teach the Bethel prayer team tools he had learned in Argentina, where he had been ministering with Carlos Anacondia and his deliverance minister, Pablo Batari. Pablo used what he referred to as a 10 step programme to set people free from their past. On the Bethel prayer team at that time was Dawna de Silva. She took that 10 step programme and from it developed the first Sozo tool, which became known as the Four Doors, the premise of which is that all sin enters our lives through one or more of four doors, fear, hatred, sexual issues or the occult. A handful of other tools have been added, the combination of which gives us the unique ministry known as Bethel Sozo.

The word “Sozo” comes from Greek. It’s meaning is a combination of three words, saved, healed and delivered. It’s the complete package for redemption and it’s where every Sozo session is aiming.

Sessions, usually last around 90 minutes and are led by experienced and qualified “Firsts” whose “job” it is to host the meeting referred to above. They do so by asking the guest to repeat suggested questions and comments to, individually, Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit. They then ask the guest to let them know the very first thing they sense, see, hear or feel in response, knowing that this first thing is God’s reply. The next question is premised on the answer received. It’s a facilitated conversation. The “First” is aided by a “Second” amongst whose tasks is keeping a note of all the good things the guest receives during the session.