I really want to share with you a testimony of our SfC session. My husband and I had the session on February 14th 2020. This Sozo session had a tremendous impact on me, my husband, our marriage,  our attitude to ourselves and our relationship. I believe that was just an amazing start and I am very grateful to God.

This summer we’re going to celebrate the thirtieth wedding anniversary. We have very close and good relationships and five wonderful children.

When I was a teenager I was sexually abused and all my thinking, perception and reactions in this area were very distorted. I’ve never understood thatch sex could be beautiful and pure. I felt something was wrong with my reactions and it caused me confusion and disappointment. I did everything I could but nothing changed.

My other problem was that I couldn’t give love to my husband without conditions, the love he deserved for and which he lacked very much.  Well, I realised it but just couldn’t help it.

During the Sozo for couples session, God touched my heart so deeply and healed my wounds and took away my pain. He gave me the truth instead of lies. He also helped me to let go all the grudges. I’ve accepted myself as a teengirl who was broken and rejected. I took off all the masks from my face, emotions and true essence.

Jesus touched me with a kiss of Heaven, and now I can breathe, smile, cry and literally straighten my shoulders.

But the most interesting thing I realized little bit later. It’s very personal but I want to share with you.  Only God knows what that really means to me.  The wonderful close moments with my husband after soozo became a discovery of new myself, my attitude to my body and my sexuality. I discovered that sex is good, clean and amazing.

My perception of myself has changed, I finally believe I am worthy of love and respect. Now I can receive the very best God has for me.

And a real breakthrough in another area of ​​our family’s life took place after SfC session. Now we pray together as a couple, we pray with our children and spend time in God’s presence as a family. My husband started to take responsibility as the priest in our house. Now I know that just one touch of the God’s Spirit can change everything.

Praise the Lord!

And many thanks to the ministers who had such a sensitive and opened hearts, both to God and to us as a couple.