Some of us are vivid dreamers, some of us have repetitive dreams; some may be flights of fancy, but there are those that you just know carry meaning.

When we have a significant dream, or one made significant because it reoccurs we’ll often look to outside sources to help us translate and make sense of our dreams, but the truth is that our dreams are God-given and come from within, so why look beyond yourself and God to get to the meaning?

Very often God uses dreams to reveal things to us, He sows thoughts and ideas into the deep subconscious for our brains to work on, even when we’re not aware. As with all the Sozo ministry we offer, a Dream Interpretation session will be a facilitated meeting between you, the guest, and Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit. In your session, the meaning of your dream will be gently unpacked, and the reason for its existence explained by Father God in a reassuring way that will leave you knowing exactly what He has been telling you.

All our ministry sessions are being held online using Zoom.

Dream Interpretations usually takes about 60 minutes. Sessions cost £40