Hopefully, you’ll agree that God gives us our partners. Why would He do that? Is it just to make us happy or has He a plan and purpose for us individually and for our marriages too?

We would suggest that He matches us up so we complement each other’s abilities and possibilities, becoming stronger as a couple than we could ever be individually. So how’s that working out for you? Are you and your partner fulfilling God’s plan for your life together?

You probably are, to a point, but you’re also probably aware that there’s more, and you want to get to that more. That’s where Couple’s Intensives come in. We’ll work with you for half-day, full-day or two-day Couple’s Intensives to determine what the Godly destiny calling for your marriage is and to help you to recognise and deal with anything that may get in the way of achieving this. It’s time for the two of you to pull out those dreams you’ve had, to work on your vision and purpose and to really identify your values and how these fit into your future together. Intensives are an exciting time of discovery and planning, of opening new vistas of possibility and letting God take the lead. We’ve witnessed some awesome breakthroughs with couples in these sessions, they’re very special!

Couple’s Intensives are usually held face to face and at our home in Warminster, although we are prepared to travel. Please contact us as pricing will depend on your requirements individually and as a couple.