We offer two distinct coaching models, both having the same intended outcome, to give you (individually or as a couple) a clear picture of what God’s purpose for you is.

Think about it. The Bible makes it clear that God knows every hair on our heads and that He has a purpose and plan for each one of us. How many of us know what that purpose and plan is?  On the other hand, how many have allowed life’s circumstances to get in the way, holding us back from achieving God’s desire for us?

There’s more, because God also gives us our partners. He has a plan and purpose for our marriages too and He matches us up so we complement each other’s abilities and possibilities, becoming stronger as a couple than we could ever be individually. So how’s that working out for you? Are you and your partner fulfilling God’s plan for your life together?

That’s where both Destiny Coaching and having a Sozo to establish your purpose come in:

Destiny Coaching, Spirit-led,  Bible-based professional coaching and mentoring aimed at transforming lives and organisations so that they are released to live in the fullness of God’s destiny call. Destiny Coaching will inspire, encourage, guide and help motivate you to achieve the greatest impact in the area God has designed you for.

Sozoing for purpose uses Sozo tools in a facilitated encounter between you, the guest, with Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit. Who is God calling you to be to the world and what’s He asking you to do about it? We all have a purpose, what’s yours? Do you need help in identifying it? Is it possible that past hurts are getting in the way? That you’re believing lies about yourself? Do you feel held back? Have people ever told you you’ll never make it?  Have you ever felt you were reaching for something but never making it? Or maybe you’re just bored with doing the same old thing, feeling a round peg in a square hole. Or do people always let you down, making promises that never seem to come to anything?

It’s a lot of questions! Your session will get to the truth and God’s plans and intentions for you will be gently revealed. Anything in you that might hold you back from those plans will exposed and dealt with. And by the end of the session, you’ll know how God feels about you and what steps you might take to fulfil your purpose.

Couples Intensive. We also offer half-day, full-day and two-day couples intensives in which we work with both of you to determine what the Godly destiny calling for your marriage is and help you to recognise and deal with anything that may get in the way of achieving this

At present all our coaching and Sozoing for purpose sessions are being held on-line using Zoom or Skype. We’re also able to offer a limited number of on-line Couples Intensives, please contact us about these.

A Destiny Coaching session usually takes about 45 minutes. Cost £40 per session booked in blocks of four sessions.

A Sozo for purpose takes about 90 minutes. Cost £50

To find out more or to apply contact answers@wonderfullyfree.org