I wonder if you’ve come across the Orphan Spirit. I picture it as rather sad and lonely, not unlike that well known and mass-produced painting of the little boy with huge eyes welling with tears. It’s rather more than that though, because on top of being sad and lonely the orphan spirit is confused, hurt, defensive and lost. As a result it reveals itself in people as an inability to give or receive full unconditional love, with the vulnerability of true love never quite being there.

Sometimes it shows itself in what comes across as a constant need for acceptance and always looking for approval. At worst, if it can get worse, those with an orphan spirit are self-centred to the point of not being able to empathise with other people’s situations, or even to accept others for who they are. It’s not nice either for the person carrying it, or for those on the receiving end.

If you know of anyone who’s so protective of themselves that they’re prepared to lie and cheat and hurt others to maintain their status and self-image then that’s probably an orphan spirit.

Here’s the challenging bit. I suspect that, to some degree, however small, we all have it! Now there’s a thought.

Of course it may not be as pronounced or obvious as some of the symptoms I’ve mentioned above but it may just pop out occasionally when we take offence or react slightly too robustly to a comment that someone has made. As I say, I suspect that deep within us all there’s that something that requires us to be heard above others, that needs affirmation, or to be right in an argument or is just too easily hurt.

Now put two orphan spirits into a relationship, each needing to assert their identity, each too easily taking offense, it’s not a great recipe is it? Here’s the deal though, using Bethel Sozo Father God has the power to overcome and release the orphan spirit! After all, if we share DNA with Jesus and have Father God as our God, how can we be orphans?

Even better, Sozo for Couples enables each of the couple to see and understand the root of the orphan spirit as it presents itself in their partner, it allows for a deep relational healing as forgiveness based on that understanding is released and exchanged between the couple. And with that comes the ability to start to give and receive the unconditional love that God intends for us to share with each other.

Don’t you love God’s love for us?

With thanks (and apologies) to Josh Luke Smith for the title of this blog. See and listen at http://onmmusic.com/