We’ve been involved with Sozo since 2009. Anthea leads the team at Life Church Bath, we’re both UK facilitators and International Bethel Sozo Organisation accredited trainers. Although organisationally not regional in the UK we tend to look after Sozo in the South West of England and Northern Ireland, where we’re both from originally.

In 2017 we got permission from Dawna de Silva, co-founder of the Bethel Sozo ministry, to develop an idea we’d had for couples, which resulted in our launching the Sozo for Couples ministry at the Sozo Summit in Redding that year. Working together with our partner, Liz Gregg, we’ve been fortunate to have been invited to several countries to train teams in this exciting ministry.

Our heart is to see people, both individually and as couples to become everything that God made them to be. Sozo in all its forms helps do this better than any other ministry that we know, which is why we are passionate about mentoring people in Sozo so that they’re well equipped and carry the Sozo name. To us mentoring isn’t just sitting in and observing a couple of times, Sozo takes hands-on practice. We agree with Yvonne Martinez that “Sozo is the art of asking the question to get to the root of an issue.” The more practice we do, the more questions Holy Spirit will add to our ‘well of questions’, to be pulled out by Holy Spirit during a session. We also get to learn questions from others, the more we mix with other teams the more we learn. As Facilitators, we get the pleasure of working with many teams, not just in the U.K., but also overseas. We love creating scenarios for teams to practice with, peppering these with teaching, and sharing our many years of experience. We love equipping people for this ministry!

Darrell is also an accredited Financial Sozo practitioner and is Destiny Coaching trained.

Please note that Bethel Sozo is church and team based. All our Sozo activity takes place under the covering of Life Church Bath and with the dedication and love of our excellent team and church leadership.